"It's easy to train Rafael Nadal," said ..


"It's easy to train Rafael Nadal," said ..

former champion Carlos Moya, now Rafael Nadal's coach, talked about his countryman champion and his attitude: "Rafa is always open to receiving advice for improvement. He is a very humble boy who is attentive to learning and evolution.

I think it is very easy to train. First of all he is a great tennis player and this I think helps every coach. Despite this, it is a pleasure to work with him because he always listens to advice, wants to learn and is really humble." On how it was the Lockdown Moya replied: "It is not easy at all.

It is never easy to remain without playing for months. Fortunately we have now resumed and it seems to us that we are on our way." After facing a disappointing Australian Open Nadal he is at work to design your own calendar on the Tour.

Some of his past impressions suggest that he could skip the US Open and the American circuit in general and prepare better for the tournaments on the ground and in particular for his beloved Roland Garros. Just like Rafael Nadal, many tennis players are perplexed about the possibility of participating in the next US Open: the rigid protocol chosen by the organization of the tournament and the thousands of cases present in the nation with stars and stripes could lead several champions to abdicate and skip the american tournament.

During the medical emergency Nadal remained in Spain, in his hometown in Mallorca, with his family and only recently, with the restrictions that have been loosened, Rafa come back to the court practicing with his coach Carlos Moya.

Both Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya spoke during a live podcast on Facebook for the Get Rafa Moving event. The Spanisch champion answered some fan questions and was joined by his coach who dealt in particular with the training of the her strong boyfriend.

How much fruit eats Rafael Nadal during the season

Furthermore, during the interview the current number 2 of the ATP ranking said: "The human being must have a correct routine and always repeat the same things. I am very orderly, especially in the things that I consider important.

I have had the same routine for years before playing a tennis match and this helps me a lot. I try to repeat every day, this gives me confidence and tranquility, it leads me to realize that I am really doing my best. " During his typical day Rafael Nadal takes about three showers a day, wakes up every morning at the same time and sets two alarms for safety.

He loves being with his family, but at the same time it must be remembered that every year he is away on business for about 238 days. In particular Nadal eats 172 kg of fruit per year, equivalent to about 4 normal sized apples per day.