Rafael Nadal talks about the possibility of having children in the near future


Rafael Nadal talks about the possibility of having children in the near future

In 2019 Rafael Nadal was the protagonist of a fantastic year thanks to the conquest in particular of the Us Open and Roland Garros. In addition to this, it was a very important year for his private life as after years of engagement, Rafa married his girlfriend Xisca Perello last October.

Throughout his career we have always noticed how the current number 2 in the world is a very private person when it comes to his private life but recently Nadal has revealed some small details regarding his marriage and his relationship with Xisca.

Fans of the Spaniard know his results almost by heart, but there has always been a lot of curiosity about his personal life.

Rafael Nadal's words about his private life

The couple still has no children and meanwhile Rafa has released interesting new statements about his life.

Here are his words: "I keep my commitment to tennis and it is my happiness. I enjoy tennis both in and out, but now I have a wife and we make decisions together, I don't decide alone. You have to adapt now to situations. Create a family? I can't tell you, things are not easy to predict and honestly at this age in the past I already thought I had a family and that I would be a former player.

"Regarding any children, Rafa says:" If I hadn't been busy playing tennis I have to say that maybe I could have had children sooner. Of course it's not just up to me, I love children and would love to be part of a family. At the age we have now, it seems obvious to me that I can't wait another 5 years "Rafa was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Internazionali d'Italia against Diego Schwartzman, then a finalist in the tournament.

The Spaniard was ahead 9-0 in the background and surprisingly came out of Rome early. Here are some of his words about it: "I could find excuses, but the reality is that I didn't play well enough. So now we just have to talk to each other and understand the reasons for this.

This is not the time to make excuses, but you just have to accept the result. This wasn't my night, he played a great game and I deserved to lose. After a long time without playing things like this can happen. Now I just want to congratulate Diego and go back to work to improve."